Thinking philo 311 & 334

Daoism focuses on the natural process of the world

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Unformatted text preview: ing “one” with the Doa. Daoism focuses on the natural process of the world and being aware of it. They do not pray to any sort of supreme being. Judaism has the belief that since Abraham and his people agreed to obey God, God promised them Israel as their homeland. They also believe in some type of afterlife. They believe in one God who is all powerful. Christians believe in God and also his son, Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus is the savior and they follow his preaching. The ultimate goal for Christians is to go to heaven. Lastly, Islam followers are referred to as Muslims. They believe that Muhammad was the last prophet to receive the word from Allah. Allah is the god they believe in. Muslims also believe in an afterlife. In all of these religions, there is some type of goal. Whether it be heaven, afterlife, or reaching a certain state of being, they all want to achieve something. Also, all of these religions are dedicated to something. Wither it be a god, or nature, all religions focus on someth...
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