Thinking philo 311 & 334

My priest at home father richie is a very important

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Unformatted text preview: ion. My priest at home, Father Richie, is a very important part of our faith community and we all respect and listen to all that he says. I very much enjoy sitting and listening to his homilies at mass. The Pope is also very important to the Catholic church. he is the head of the church, and what he says is honored and respected by the members. The bible is also very important in my religion. Readings are read out of it every Sunday, and that the bible says helps us to be better understand our faith. I often turn to the bible when I question something in my faith, and often it leads me to an answer. 6) The cross is a symbol of our savior, Jesus Christ. Whenever I see the cross I think of the sacrifice Jesus made to save us. The host and the wine are a symbol of the blood and body of Christ. Again these symbols remind us of what our Lord gave up for us. There are also many “myths” like Noahʼs Arc in the bible, but those stories are put into the bible to teach us valua...
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