Thinking philo 311 & 334

These stories didnt actually happen but the messages

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Unformatted text preview: ble lessons. These stories didnʼt actually happen, but the messages they reveal to us are very valuable. The stories are not meant to be taken literally. 7) The Catholic faith doesnʼt look down upon any other religion. We obviously think what we believe is true, but we wouldnʼt ever look down upon anyone for having a difference in faith. I think that any religion believes that what they believe is right or else they would not be a part of it. I believe the Catholic church likes to teach others its beliefs, but I do not think that they by any means force it upon others to have different one. 1) Hinduism is the main religion in India and is one of the worldʼs oldest religions. Hindus believe everything was manifested from one God. The ultimate goal of hinduism is to reach Nirvana. Buddhism is another type of religion but this religion does not believe in a “God”. The ultimate goal of Buddhism like Hinduism, is to achieve Nirvana. Daoism focuses on becom...
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