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Another structure one which would allow it to take

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Unformatted text preview: ign. Divisional organization. Hybrid structure. Matrix organization. Another structure, one which would allow it to take maximum advantage of fast growth opportunities. Globalism and Cross-Cultural Concepts A key difference between Friedman’s and Florida’s views is that ________ . A. Friedman asserts that the US education Friedman system is the world’s best. system B. Florida finds China’s schools to be vastly Florida superior to others. superior C. Florida states that where you live will Florida remain a key success factor. D. Friedman states that where you live will D. Friedman remain a key success factor. remain E. Florida considers “place” an outdated Florida concept. concept. Opinion Item: Recent relative growth of BRIC countries’ economies _____. A. Is due solely to their lower labor costs. B. Is part of a conscious strategy that will Is eventually overtake the US in intellectual property. property. C. Stems from higher quality production Stems and/or a superior work/study ethic. and/or D. None or more than one of the above. E. I have no idea, or I don’t worry about have these things. these ________ is the “folk hero” associated with national culture dimensions. a) Peter Drucker. b) Douglas McGregor. c) W. E. Deming. d) F. W. Taylor. e) Geert Hofstede. Managers in “Elbonia” earn many times the pay of the top workers, who always address their supervisors as “Mr.” or “Ms.” This country’s culture exhibits ______ . A. Low collectivism. B. High power distance. C. High individualism. D. High masculinity. E. None of the abo...
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