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E none of the above what is the process by which a

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Unformatted text preview: to large corporations. C. Applies only to small companies. D. Requires that workers be satisfied with the current way of doing things. E. None of the above. What is the process by which a company compares its performance with that of highperforming companies? A. Corporate assessment B. Productivity evaluation C. Benchmarking D. Contingency divergence E. Security valuation OD interventions _______ . A. Always ignore technostructural B. C. D. E. activities. Are those that require “observation at a distance.” Are limited to high-technology environments. May focus on making workgroups more effective. All the above. Employees often resist change because ____________ . A. They don’t like the fact that B. C. D. E. management is committed to it. Its timing is wrong. They are rebelling against their peers. All the above. None of the above. According to (folk hero) John Kotter, change leaders should ____ A. Avoid creating a sense of urgency. B. Focus only on long-term gains. C. Allow a strategy to develop as the change unfolds. D. Make themselves the sole force and authority during the change process. E. Create a guiding coalition. In building a learning organization, _________ . A. Maintain a climate of opennes. B. Avoid the perception that there is a performance gap. C. Adopt a “hierarchical” mind set, not an “experimental” one. D. Separate “owners” from “workers.” E. Organizations don’t learn; people do. Add’l Culture and Structure Aspects (asked and reviewed after the (asked virtual session) virtual What is Organizational Culture?...
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