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Exam 1A Review Plus Clicker Q & A

None of the above selecting each worker in a reliable

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Unformatted text preview: n NFL owner. A U.S. Supreme Court justice. A UAlbany college dean. All the above. None of the above. Selecting each worker in a reliable and systematic method, creating standard operating procedures, and leaving all planning and task assignments to managers are all components of ______ . A. The Hawthorne Effect. B. Theory Z. C. The scientific management approach. D. Obsessive compulsive leadership. E. Anal retentive management. Douglas McGregor is known for _______ . A. Theorizing about “constructive conflict.” B. Originating Theory Z. C. Popularizing Total Quality Management. D. Designing the first Tartan Plaid. E. Proposing Theory X and Theory Y. Ethical decisions on the part of managers ________ . a) Are unaffected by cultural differences. b) Do not affect whistleblowers. c) Are unaffected by role expectations outside the organization. d) May be compromised by the need to deliver results. e) Are always dictated by the politicallegal system. Effects of the Positive Psychology Movement on the field of OB include __________ . a) Fostering hope and optimism as means of improving performance. b) Applying and developing people’s capacity for self-awareness and empathy in the workplace. c) Preventing companies from hiring anyone who’s been treated for mental illness. d) All the above. e) Both A and B, but not C. A key e-business implication for OB is that ________ . a) Email will cease to be abused as a form of communication. b) Leadership, like decision making, will develop at progressively higher levels of the organization. c) For most employees, the work itself is no longer a powerful motivator. d) Tim...
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