Chapter 2 BLaw

The legal rights of a s pec ific pers on briefs

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Unformatted text preview: e legal rights of a s pec ific pers on Briefs Written arguments to the c ourt c onc erning the points the parties want the c ourt to c ons ider Federal Ques tion Is s ues or c as es aris ing at leas t in part under the U.S. Cons titution, a treaty , or federal law -A bas is for inv ok ing the juris dic tion of federal c ourts Dis s enting Opinion Opinion written by an appellate c ourt jus tic e that dis agrees with the outc ome of c as e being dec ided Appellate Court Court that rev iews rulings of a trial c ourt when the los ing party in a trial c as e is dis s atis fied with the v erdic t Appellee The party in a c as e agains t whom an appeal is filed -Argues no errors were made at trial or were minor errors that wouldn't effec t the outc ome 1/2 1/25/2014 STUDYBLUE | Flashcards | Ch. 2 Appellant Party in a c as e who petitions a c ourt of appeals to rev iew the dec is ion of a lower c ourt -Points out errors in applic ation of law made by trial judge and argues the v erdic t be ov erturned bec aus e of s aid errors 2/2...
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