Thing Broker Tool Demonstration

Comubc magicthingbroker jquery plugin methods provided

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Unformatted text preview: have following/follow rela?onships; one thing may follow another. •  When retrieving events from a thing (past or real ?me), you can retrieve events sent to the thing and all of the things it is following, or just the things sent to the things it is following. •  The detailed methods and their syntax are given on following webpage hQp:// magic/thingbroker/wiki/Thing- Broker- API. RED Framework •  The Really Easy Displays(RED) framework allows you to develop and deploy mul?- display applica?ons easily, allowing you to focus on your applica?on rather than on building the infrastructure to support it. •  It has the thing broker plugin which is a jQuery library in which all the general post and get methods are already defined. •  It saves efforts to program from scratch. •  We can use this library for registering applica?ons and things or sending events to a par?cular thing etc. RED framework(Contd)...
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