Thing Broker Tool Demonstration

On to the thing broker the applicaon name is send to

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Unformatted text preview: it is given on hQps:// magic/thingbroker. •  ATer compiling and building the project deploy the ThingBroker on tomcat server and start the service. •  The ThingBroker will run on hQp://localhost:8080/thingbroker •  All the url’s used for post and get methods are prefixed with above url. Posting or create application •  For registering a applica?on to the thing broker, the applica?on name is send to the URL hQp://localhost:8080/thingbroker/POST/applica?on. { name: "applica?on- name" } •  This will return the json object which will consist of applica?on presenta?on with the applica?on_id. { id: "88c67d4e- 178e- 4c50- 98b2- 3e2179e32636", name: "applica?on- name“ } •  To retrieve all applica?on, GET from the same URL. Post things or register thing •  To register a thing, post the thing json object to the URL hQp://localhost:8080/thingbroker/things/thingId •  Example of thing json object { thingId: "88c67d4e- 178e- 4c50- 98b2- 3e2179e32636...
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