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EECE 363 Quiz 4B 2008 Solutions

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Unformatted text preview: = 2V) ∴Saturation -5- Question 4, Cont’d. (b) Sketch a “T” equivalent small signal circuit for the amplifier. (3 points) or equivalent. (c) Find the expressions for the input resistance Rin and the output resistance Rout as indicated in the circuit. Calculate their numerical values. (3 points) gm = (4KnID)1/2 = [4(0.25mA/V2)(1mA)]1/2 = 1 mA/V Rin = 1/gm = 1 kΩ For Rout, short circuiting vs results in vgs = 0 V, i.e., id = gmvgs = 0 A or D is open circuit. ∴Rout = RD = 5 kΩ -6- Question 4, Cont’d. (d) Derive an ex...
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