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EECE 363 Quiz 4 2009 Solutions - THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA D EPARTMENT OF E LECTRICAL AND C OMPUTER E NGINEERING EECE 254/363 Electronic Circuits І / Electronic Circuits for Electromechanical Design Section 201 Instructor: Prof. Kenichi Takahata QUIZ #4 April 7, 2009 This quiz consists of 4 pages . Count and verify that this copy is complete. All answers and calculations are to be written on the quiz paper in the space provided. Use the backs of pages for rough work or, if necessary, for extra answer space clearly mark which question the work pertains to. Be sure to provide units where necessary. One 8.5” × 11” sheet of notes (both sides) is permitted; a calculator is also permitted. The time allotted to complete this quiz is 50 minutes . Last Name: Takahata First Name: Kenichi Student ID#: NUMBER MAX GRADE 1 4 2 6 3 20 TOTAL 30 SOLUTIONS
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- 2 - 1. For the enhancement-type NMOS below: = L W ' k n 120 μ A/V 2 , V t = 2 V, V A = . Find I D and V O . What is the operating mode of the transistor? (Justify your answer.)
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