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This concentration of electrons is referred as the

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Unformatted text preview: onduction. This concentration of electrons is referred as the intrinsic concentration. b) What is the relationship between the intrinsic concentration of electrons and the intrinsic concentration of holes in a pure un-doped semiconductor? (2 points) In a pure un-doped semiconductor, each generated free electron generates a free hole. Therefore n=p. c) Briefly explain the difference between “drift current” and “diffusion current” in terms of the generation mechanism. (2 points) The drift current is generated by the presence of an electric field whereas the diffusion current is generated by a gradient of the carrier concentration. -2- 2) Answer the following questions for the cylindrical silicon piece shown below. Assume ni=1.5×1010 cm-3, μn=1350 cm2/V⋅s, μp=480 cm2/V⋅s, and T=300 K (room temperature) for all the questions. (Suggested time to spend: 20 min) a) Find the resistance between the contacts when the silicon is intrinsic. (2 points) ( ) ( ) σ = n i (μ n + μ p )...
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