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Unformatted text preview: traumatic experiences that the infants were exposed to will be noted. An interview will be conducted with their mothers regarding the war­related traumatic experiences notes to investigate the effect such events have had on the mothers. Infant­mother interactions and parenting styles will be encoded by recording such interactions in their home and encoding for situations that may establish trust. Once this information is gathered, Infants psychosocial development will be measured across three intervals; at 6 months, 1 year, and2 years. Feelings and behaviours that show that infants feel secure with their mothers and that they react normally to strange situations will be noted to evaluate psychosocial development. All these measures will be correlated with each other to evaluate their relationship with one another using a multiple variable correlation test . Predicted results: Since the studies examined previously show that infants do retain memories of traumatic experiences and that mothers who have suffered from traumatic experiences are more likely to have children with a disorganized attachment style, I predict that these effects will extend to infants and mothers suffering from war­related trau...
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