If the motherfailstoprovide these factors the infant

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Unformatted text preview: istency and reliability of the caregiving provided by the mother. If the mother fails to provide these factors, the infant will not develop the ability to trust others when appropriate and will have great difficulties forming intimate and close relationships with others in the future (Siegler et al., 2011). Studies investigating infants ability to retain memories of traumatic experiences have supported the suggestion that trauma occurring between 0­36 months can be stored, expressed and encoded in both nonverbal and verbal forms (Paley, & Alpert, 2003). A meta analysis of nine studies investigating infant trauma showed that infants can retain both behavioural/implicit memories of trauma; which can be expressed as ‘behavioural reenactments’ defined as “spontaneous expressions of trauma linked to behaviors in everyday activities” (Paley, & Alpert, 2003). There is usually no direct link between the behavioural reenactment and the trauma, but they may include trauma­specific fears, phobias, avo...
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