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Paley alpert 2003 such recurring behavioural

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Unformatted text preview: idance reactions, posttraumatic play, personality changes including aggression, mood swings, chronic 3 withdrawal or tantrums etc..(Paley, & Alpert, 2003). Such recurring behavioural representations can eventually develop into personality traits. However, it is important to note that representations of trauma are rarely based on personality changes only. Posttraumatic play, for example, in which traumas occurring between 0­36 months were reenacted with toys was described in the nine studies reviewed in the meta analysis (Paley, & Alpert, 2003). Another memory type discussed in the meta­analysis is ‘somatic­somatosensory memory’. This memory type is defined as physiological arousal or symptoms that result from or are connected to a traumatic experience; such symptoms often do not have an explainable psychological cause (Paley, & Alpert, 2003). They can include rashes, persistent vomiting, pain in stomach or gentitals, changes in digestive function, sleep disturbances...
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