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Unformatted text preview: ts of traumatized or abused mothers exhibited insecure attachment styles no more than infants with non traumatized mothers. However, their strategies were mainly disorganized strategies (Lyons­Ruth, & Block, 1996). That said, most of the studies on infant trauma have focused on examining the effects of trauma specifically resulting from various forms of abuse. Research on the relationship between infant war­related trauma and interaction with caregivers under these conditions (as the caregiver may also suffer from war related traumas), and their effect on the individuals psychosocial development, has yet to be conducted. The following study aims at investigating that relationship. Method: 5 Participants: A group of Palestinian infants living in Gaza under war­conditions starting from 0­1 years will be tested. A third party source of information is collected regarding the events that may induce a traumatic experience as a result of the war/occupation conditions in Gaza. The mothers of the children tested will also be examined. Procedure: War­related...
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