Lecture 19 - Gunpowder and Syphilis

Stigma stigmatized because maybe caused by

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Unformatted text preview: s Doctors suspect “contagion” o Theory of contagion is different, regards humors III. Stigma • • Stigmatized because maybe caused by prostitutes Called syphilis because of a poem caused by Girolamo Fracastoro o Also know name Fracastoro because advocated contagion Lecture 19: Gunpowder and Syphilis • • • • • • • o Fromites (polluting particles) Not called Syphilis at the time o Examples: French Pox, Neapolitan Disease, Spanish Disease, Great Pox City governments blame beggars and prostitutes New message: don’t have sex with prostitutes Another explanation: back in French siege in 1494, there was prostitute that serviced French troops, there was disease in her womb, then the soldier had diseases and then it spread Whore define woman who has sex with person she shouldn’t Heat of prostitute’s womb is cause of disease – disease is recreated over and over o Very anti-women Disease is extremely shameful o People go to great lengths to get treated secretly o Samuel Pepy...
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