Lecture 19 - Gunpowder and Syphilis

Threatens doctors if he were to start rumors o

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Unformatted text preview: s (diarists) §༊ Worried that Thomas (brother) is dying from French Disease. Inspects Thomas’ penis – Thomas did not die from “the pox.” Threatens doctors if he were to start rumors o Families bribed parish officials to write that the cause of death wasn’t the pox IV. Therapeutics • Surgeons dealt with the pox the most because on outside of the body • Mercury and Guiacum – empirical remedies (it works because someone tried them and it worked) • Mercury – applied as ointment o Mercury is poisonous – patients just drooled… o Mercury then eats away at jaw and throat (bad breath) • Guiacum wood – alternative to mercury treatment o Used in New World to treat yaws o God put remedies where he put diseases so this made sense that guiacum wood is put where there is yam o God is merciful o Spanish is importing wood by 1508 o Spanish has monopoly of the island where the tree comes from o Sweat out the disease with the wood • Jacob Fugger – saw business opportunity in wood o Because king owed money to the trade family, king gives over Guiacum monopoly Lecture 19: Gunpowder and Syphilis o Paracelsus complained about this – got thrown out of Oxford • • Disease ravishes Europe over next two centuries Constantly remedies being sold that offer an alternative...
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