Lecture 16 - Renaissance and Humanism

Developing of critical readings philology o study of

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Unformatted text preview: ysician) o Translated Galen II. Developing of Critical Readings • Philology o Study of history of structure of language Lecture 16 – Renaissance and Humanism o Wanted to know what Hippocrates really said, not what translated into o Wanted manuscripts of the same text • Lorenzo Valla o Said that Donation of Constantine was fake §༊ Document was incited by the church multiple times as power of the church o Later printed and cited a lot o Evidence that church was greedy and corrupt o How did he do this? §༊ Using philology – Constantine did not write this way • A lot of texts from Muslim world thrown away because too corrupt o Racism? o Except Rhazes and Galen • Herbal Medicine o observed more closely • Nicolaus Leoniceno (1428 – 1524) o Pliny’s Natural Histories o Writes On the Errors of Pliny and Many Others (1492) §༊ Pliny didn’t know Greek so his texts are corrupt • Rewrote much of Dioscordes and other texts • Otto Brunfels Living Images of Plants, 1530 o Wanted to show what real plants looked like • Leonhard Fuchs o Copies plants in great detail • The people in this period felt like they d...
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