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Lecture 15 – The Black Death

Lecture 15 – The Black Death - Lecture 15 The...

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Lecture 15 – The Black Death I. The Beginnings of Plague Now called the bubonic plague, “Black Death” name was given later 2 forms § swelling version – a person felt cold, weariness, sadness, swelling, blotches, die in a few days § pneumonic plague – breathe in infected particle, cough up blood, patient dies in a day or two Plague of Justinian (mid 6 th century) § Egypt à Byzantine Empire along trade routes § Hard for historians to tell b/c fast death and didn’t affect bones § Plague probably spread northwards too Black Death (1340s – 1700s) Bombay Plague (end of 19 th century) § China, Hong Kong, India Disease cause by Yersinia Pestis § In rat fleas = xenopsylla cheopsis § Has 80 days to find new host when old host dies Bubo II. The Experience of the Epidemic Started in plains of central Asia around 1331ish Silk Road Yanibeg – catapulted bodies as a form of warfare The Plague disrupts funeral rituals III. Responses to Plague Religious : Why Plague? God is punishing for sins
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