Lecture 15 – The Black Death

Was instant martyrdom for the faithful o a moslem

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Unformatted text preview: of catching plague • Islamic World Response: • Ibn Khaldun 1332 – 1406 §༊ • Wrote about the plague, a lot of despair Islamic Principles of the Plague: o Plague was instant martyrdom for the faithful o A Moslem should not enter or flee a plague-stricken land o The plague came directly from God so it was not contagious Lecture 15 – The Black Death • Plague of Amwas (638-639) • Some men became paid mourners • Hadith – read aloud at mosque so even illiterates knew what was going on • Not staying home terrified • Popular belief that plague was cause by evil Jinn Diseases and medical explanations are the same, but social responses are super different IV. Consequences • Sheer loss of life • Lord and Serfs relationship shifts because not enough people for labor • Strikes younger generation generally – takes out people who are more likely to reproduce • Morbid fascination with death...
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