Treating sick people came from religious thinking by

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Unformatted text preview: aking care of people as a civic duty. Treating sick people came from religious thinking • By early 10th century bigger hospitals are being built by setting up endowments on lands by one person usually; was an early version of philanthropy • ***hospitals were free, usually not for wealthy (have own) • Adudi- 982- 22 doctors, specialized care, Baghdad • Also a haven for poorer people • Became a leader in teaching new physicians • All religions work together in hospitals • Ibn Sina- Avicenna 980-1037- legal training, philosophy, doctor • Have 250 documents, becomes well known in Latin • Canon of Medicine- million words long • Wanted to have Aristotelian thinking • Original medicine- continue to use herbs • They went from head to toe no nervous or veins • Implicit in Canon that medicine is learned medicine • Tries to combine Galen over Aristotle but would agree with Aristotelian theoretically but do what Galen says • Hallmats of Islam • New stuff (ex eyes) and more pharmaceuticals • New concepts like contagions • 98% of underlying ideas that medicine is of the book 2% local tradition healing is still going on...
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