Lecture 14 – leprosy and Contagion

Diagnosing and treating lepers primary authority for

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Unformatted text preview: ngs, infections, rotting • Hansen’s disease is still with us today… II. Diagnosing and Treating Lepers • Primary authority for leprosy in middle ages –> the bible • Leviticus, ch. 13 – the priest diagnosed leprosy o Leprosy = social death o Doctors and other authority figures diagnosed it b/c it was so serious • Cause of leprosy? o Humoural theory – liver is not processing food as it should o Can use uroscopy and blood test Lecture 14 – leprosy and Contagion §༊ Blood test – test blood by checking if blood stuck to edges of bowl o Henri de Mondeville – doctors shouldn’t even try to heal patients with leprosy • Distinctions of leprosy (stigmatized disease associated with blood) o Congenital Leprosy – born with it =...
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