Lecture 14 – leprosy and Contagion

He was an inquisitive man but he went too far he

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Unformatted text preview: or medieval people, if you looked bad, then you are bad o God gave lessons through sight à༎ rot on the outside = rot on the inside • Bishop Aelfweard o How? He was an inquisitive man, but he went too far. He wanted to take relics and put them into his own building. Relic lust = greed. Moral rotting showed through leprosy o No randomness – god’s plan o Leprosy got people thinking morally • After 12th century, theres a divergence of ideas of leprosy Lecture 14 – leprosy and Contagion o Anti-Semitism got hooked to ideas of leprosy o Lepers are st...
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