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Codelab codelab assigned daily consists of a few short

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Unformatted text preview: available on the next day. All solutions will be available by Reading Day in preparation for the Final Examination (see the schedule for dates). Quizzes Quizzes will serve as milestones between exams and provide valuable feedback. Quizzes are given in Blackboard. Quizzes will cover material from previous lectures and/or labs but are primarily based on the suggested readings, Q&A and Creative Exercises (CE). The average of these grades will count 1/12 of your course grade. In- term Exams There will be two, 100- minute, intermediate exams. Each exam will count 1/6 of your course grade. Each exam has a programming component. Make- up exams will not be given. If a student misses one exam, the grade on the final exam will substitute for it. If a student does not miss any exams, the final will substitute for the lowest exam grade (if the final is higher). If a student has already missed an exam, subsequent missed exams will result in zeroes. http://pe ople .unc w.e du/ta glia r inig/c our se s/121/121syl.htm 2/4 2/15/2014 CSC 121 - I ntr oduc tion to Compute r Sc ie nc e I ( Ja va ) Final Exam The comprehensive final exam will be given as scheduled. The final counts as 1/6 of your course grade. If the final exam grade is higher than your lowest in- term exam grade, the final exam grade also replaces your lowest in- term exam grade. The final exam may not be used to replace your quiz, Codelab, or program grades. The programming component of the final exam is open book / open notes. Lab Section Your lab section will be used for hands- on programming activities. These activities may be structured or unstructured, individual or collaborative, and may vary between the two lab sections. Lab Participation You are expected to complete all of the guided lab exercises. Hopefully, you will feel that the lab is a non- threatening environment where you can work to improve your programming ability. There is a wide range in programming abilities and all students are encouraged to work to do better. Lab...
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