In these courses students will learn many core

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Unformatted text preview: process. Students will also discover that computer programming is an art and beyond a program that "works" are issues of aesthetics, simplicity, and elegance. CSC 121 is not an easy course, but students find it rewarding and well worth the effort. Students should expect to spend 3 to 4 hours per day on the course. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University Kevin Wayne, Princeton University ISBN- 10: 0321498054 ISBN- 13: 9780321498052 CODELAB REGISTRATION: Section Access Code: NORT- 8921- HQSM- 14 · Once registered, students can submit solutions to 10 exercises. · Full access is required and costs $25 (U SD ). · REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS: 1) Go to OR 2) Click "Register for CodeLab" 3) Choose "I am a student in a course ..." and click CONTINUE 4) Enter the Section Access Code (NORT- 8921- HQSM- 14) and click CONTINUE 5) Continue filling out the forms being careful to enter your UNCW email address and first and last names as they will appear in the http://pe ople .unc w.e du/ta glia r inig/c our se s/121/121syl.htm 1/4 2/15/2014 CSC 121 - I ntr oduc tion to Compute r Sc ie nc e I ( Ja va ) professor's roster LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS: 1) Go to OR 2) Click "Login to CodeLab" The username is the email address given during registration. The password is the password selected during registration. Once registered, students can submit solutions to 10 exercises. To be able to work with all exercises, the student needs to obtain full access: GETTING FULL ACCESS: 1) Log in to CodeLab 2) Click LOBBY 3) Click the button "Get Full Access" 4) Follow the payment directions Downloads: JDK 6.0 (setting the path variable) / Eclipse / Algoritharium Required Reading: Each chapter section per the Day's schedule The chapter numbers are hyperlinks to the authors' extensive web resources. Chapter 1. Elements of Programming. Chapter 2. Functions an...
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