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Unformatted text preview: d Modules. Chapter 3. Object- Oriented Programming. Chapter 4. Algorithms and Data Structures Final Exam Review: Glossary / Keywords. Read the course minimal competencies carefully. These are the expected learning goals for this semester (in preparation for subsequent course work) and will tested on the final exam. 8:00- 11:00 AM, Tuesday, December 11, 2012 COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING CRITERIA All labs meet in CIS 2006. Students are required to attend the lab that they are signed up for except when prior arrangements have been made with the professor. Your performance in the lecture section will determine 4/6 of the course grade and the lab/programming section 2/6 of the course grade as itemized below. Thus, to succeed/excel in the course, a student must succeed/excel in both lecture and lab work. Grading Programming concepts will be presented and discussed in the lecture section. This includes algorithms, Java syntax and semantics, program design, and discussion of programming projects and labs. Exams will take place in the lecture section. You should come to lecture prepared by having read the sections that are listed for that day on the class schedule. Sample programs will be linked to the course schedule. Check the schedule at least once a week for updates. Codelab Codelab assigned daily consists of a few short problems completed online. These is graded online drill and practice. Codelab has extensive feedback and is a fundamental component of your learning. The average of these grades will count 1/4 of your course grade. / There are a total of 289 problems but 56 are not assigned and not graded - just extras in which you may be interested. You are asked to complete anywhere from five to thirty- four of these on a given week day. Please make every effort to stay ahead of these assignments. The benefit in doing this drill and practice will be lost if they are not completed promptly. The last day to work on these is typically the due date and the solutions become...
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