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Unformatted text preview: early and work some every day. Policies UNCW practices a zero- tolerance policy for violence and harassment of any kind. For emergencies contact UNCW CARE at 962- 2273, Campus Police at 962- 3184, or Wilmington Police at 911. http://pe ople .unc w.e du/ta glia r inig/c our se s/121/121syl.htm 3/4 2/15/2014 CSC 121 - I ntr oduc tion to Compute r Sc ie nc e I ( Ja va ) Students with Disabilities If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation in this course, you should inform the instructor of this fact in writing within the first week of class or as soon as possible. If you have not already done so, you must register with the Office of Disability Services in Westside Hall (extension 3746) and obtain a copy of your Accommodation Letter. You should then meet with your instructor to make mutually agreeable arrangements based on the recommendations of the Accommodation Letter. Student Affairs Disability Services - Policies and Procedures Student Learning Outcomes 1. Students develop understanding of basic object- oriented concepts like classes, methods, and objects, one and two- dimensional arrays, and basic program control. [MS1] [QRE2] 2. Students work on program development techniques to describe and understand the problem statement, think through input/process/output, leading to geometric problem representation and finally coding. [MS1] [QRE1] [QRE2] 3. Students learn program control structures. [MS1] [QRE3] 4. Students learn data structures such as Strings, 1- D arrays, 2- D arrays, and arrays of objects. [MS1] [QRE3] 5. Students learn to implement algorithms to solve a variety of problems, for instance those related to array processing, statistical calculations, image and audio processing, and text processing. [MS3] [QRE1] 6. Students learn to work on modular programming, develop, debug and compiling parts of a larger program. [MS3] 7. Students learn to work with programming language specific software libraries. [MS2] [MS3] [QRE2] 8. Students are introduced to File reading and writing. [MS2] [MS3] [QRE3] 9. Students learn to use software development tools from command line compile and run commands to a sophisticated Interface Development Environment like Eclipse. [MS2] [QRE3] Course...
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