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Unformatted text preview: participation will help you to prepare for the timed coding component of the in- class tests;7 however, individual labs are not graded. Programming Projects There will be several programming projects which are to be completed on your own with little to no guidance from your instructor. Programming projects will count 1/6 of your course grade. Specific instructions concerning due dates, late programs, assessment criteria, etc., will be given when the programs are assigned. Program 1 / Program 2 / Program 3 / Program 4 (DRAFTs) Course Grade Grades will be determined using the scale below: 90 – 100 A 80- 89.999 B 70 – 79.999 C 60 – 69.999 D 0 – 59.999 F The following algorithm can be used to compute your final grade based on your before final average: if (finalExam < lowestTest) grade = (finalExam + 5 * beforeFinal) / 6;7 else grade = (5 * beforeFinal - lowestTest + 2 * finalExam) / 6;7 Academic Expectations for Students In choosing UNCW, you have become part of our community of scholars. We recognize that the UNCW learning experience is challenging and requires hard work. It also requires a commitment to make time available to do that hard work. The university expects you to make academics your highest priority by dedicating your time and energy to training your mind and acquiring knowledge. Academic success in critical thinking and problem solving prepares you for the changes and challenges you will encounter in the future. Our faculty and academic support resources are readily available as partners in this effort, but the primary responsibility for learning is yours. Honor Code It is the responsibility of every student to uphold and maintain the UNCW Academic Honor Code (see Section V of your Student Handbook). You violate the honor code when you represent someone else's work as your own. Programming assignments may be discussed at a conceptual level with other students but details and coding must be your own. Copying and team collaboration is prohibited. Academic Honor Code Learning Strategies You are expected to take an active role in your learning in this course. This includes regular attendance, paying attention in class, reading the textbook, and completing all course requirements. You are encouraged to study with your classmates outside of class. Programming assignments usually require a lot more time than expected, so start...
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