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Demand xyz economy product price consumer needs

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Unformatted text preview: market share. 7 competitors collectively had 64% market share. • In blind taste test, Campbell's got the highest ratings of all the brands • Should Campbells run an ad that focuses on the time saving of using canned beans, or should it focus on the fact that it has a better product than its competitors? Demand = ƒ (x,y,z,…) Economy Product Price Consumer Needs Promotion Place Competition Different levels of demand forecasts geographic level world region person industry product level company category line item short medium time level long What is the potential annual demand for plastic diapers? • • • • • 4 million babies delivered each year in U.S. Babies defecate about 10 times per day at birth Children defecate about 4 times per day at age 3 Few kids are toilet trained before age 2 But almost all are toilet trained by age 3 # of "accidents" / day Computing total diaper demand Demand = 10 – 2*age 10 4 Birth 1 2 Age 3 Hierarchy-of-Effects Model UNAWARE p1= ƒ(x,y,z, …) AWARE p2= ƒ(x,y,z, …) TRIAL p3= ƒ(x,y,z, …) REPEAT 3 bases of de...
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