MKTG 301 Demand

The class before this one leaves this room stuffy

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Unformatted text preview: rolla Brand Equity Black & Decker Conjoint Intuit things you dislike about this class ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ TA should pick better candy with the class' money Course reader is too expensive The class is at lunch time It’s really far away from the class I have right before it. ÿ The class before this one leaves this room stuffy. ÿ Chairs are too close together, I bump my knees getting in and out. Top 3 things you dislike about this class ÿ More discussion of High tech products! ÿ No overviews & takeaways! ÿ Professor speaks too quickly! Outline of today's lecture • • • • Market Size vs. Market Share Estimate total annual demand for plastic diapers "Hierarchy of Effects" model 3 methods for forecasting demand – historical trends – surveys – test markets Market size vs.Market share your product(s) substitutes for your product Proton-Pump Inhibitors Nexium Prilosec Prilosec Prevacid 1997 2002 Promoting Primary Demand (market size) or Selective Demand (market share) • in 1907, an advertising executive for Campbell's Pork and Beans found that 94% of housewives cooked their own beans from scratch. • Campbell's had 36%...
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