Completing the square is an important step when

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Unformatted text preview: se a plan. • From before? • A related problem? • Usable definitions/theorems? 3. Carry out the plan. • Is each step correct? • Is the step allowed? 4. Looking Back. • Check! • Is there another method? exercise: What would the function be if the plot did not use the house for one side? [Answer: A = −x + 20x] 2 PRE-CALCULUS 11 Unit 1 – Day 8: COMPLETING THE SQUARE x − 3 is a binomial. (x − 3)2 is the square of the binomial. x The algebra tile diagram for the above is shown to the right. -3 -x -x -x 1 1 1 -x 1 1 1 -x When this square of a binomial is expanded, the result is x2 − 6x + 9 which is a perfect square trinomial. x2 -x x -3 1 1 1 COMPLETING THE SQUARE Completing the square is an algebraic process where a quadratic polynomial is rewritten so that it contains a perfect square trinomial so that this trinomial can be rewritten as the square of a binomial. exercise: Fill in the blank with the term that will produce a perfect square trinomial and then write the trinomial as a square. a) x2 − 10x + _____ b) x2 + 16x + _____ c...
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