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Unformatted text preview: l quadratic functions will have exactly one y-intercept. PRE-CALCULUS 11 Unit 1 – Day 6: MODELLING PROBLEMS Quadratic functions have many applications and can be used to solve problems. SOLVING PROBLEMS First You must understand the problem. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM What is to be determined? What conditions must be satisfied to solve the problem? What information is given? Are there any restrictions? Draw a diagram. Introduce suitable notation. Second Find the connection between the given information and what is to be determined. You may be obliged to consider auxiliary problems if an immediate connection cannot be found. You should eventually obtain a plan to find the solution. DEVISING A PLAN Have you seen it before? Or have you seen the same problem in a slightly different form? Do you know a related problem? Was it solved before? If so, could you use it? Could you use the result? Could you use its method? Should you introduce some auxiliary element in order to make its use possible?...
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