Find the height of the arch above a point 10 metres

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Unformatted text preview: Look at the unknown! Do you know a theorem that could be useful? What quantities are needed? If the needed quantities are not given, can they be determined from the given information? Could you restate the problem? Could you restate it still differently? Go back to definitions. Do you know a theorem that could be useful? Could you derive something useful from the data? Third Carry out the plan. Fourth Examine your solution. CARRY OUT THE PLAN Carrying out the plan of the solution, check each step. Can you see clearly that the step is correct? Can you prove that it is correct? Does your answer contradict any of the restrictions in the problem? LOOKING BACK Can you check the result? Can you check the argument? Can you derive the result differently? Can you see it at a glance? Variables can be used to represent quantities in problems. If variables are used, you must define the variables on a diagram or with a written statement; it must be absolutely clear what each variable represents. Unit 1...
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