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Unformatted text preview: esent quantities in problems. These variables can then be used to write expressions to represent other quantities. exercise: Write an algebraic expression for each quantity described below. a) Let x represent a number; the quantity is another number that is five less than twice the first number. b) Let n represent the number of nickels; the quantity is the value (in cents) of these nickels. c) Let t represent the number of hours a car travels; the quantity is the number of kilometres the car moving at 50 km/h went. d) Let w represent the tailwind speed in km/h; the quantity is the speed of a plane (in km/h) that flies at 450 km/h in still air. e) Let P represent the dollar amount placed in a bank account that earns interest at 3% per annum; the quantity is the yearly dollar amount of the interest earned. example: 40 m of wire fencing will be used to make a rectangular plot that encloses a play area for your pet dog. A wall of your house is to serve as one side of the plot. Write a function for the plot's area. ____________________ house plot 1. Understand the problem. • What is to be determined? • What is given? • Draw a diagram. 2. Devi...
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