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We need an area function that is quadratic the area

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Unformatted text preview: se: Rewrite y = 1 x2 + 4x − 3 in vertex form by completing the square. [Answer: y = 1 (x + 4)2 − 11] 2 2 PRE-CALCULUS 11 Unit 1 – Day 9: OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS Optimization problems ask you to find the best amount and/or how to get that best amount. The best amount would be a maximum or minimum value. We will be solving optimization problems modelled by quadratic functions. Solving problems using algebra requires four items in the solution to earn full marks: 1) Define variables introduced and write expressions for all important quantities. One of the two variables defined must be the quantity that is being optimized. 2) Write an equation that models the situation described in the problem. Use the variables and expression from 1) to write a quadratic function for the quantity that is to be optimized. 3) Solve the equation. In this type of problem find the coordinates of the vertex to find the maximum or minimum value. 4) Answer the problem. Your answer must be what the problem is as...
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