What would be the equation of this transformed graph

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Unformatted text preview: be the transformation that occurred 5 −5 0 5x • write the coordinates of this graph’s vertex • write the equation of this graph’s axis of symmetry −5 • write the domain and range of this function SUMMARY: To draw the graph of y = x2 + q When q > 0, (q is positive): • The parabola translates (slides) upward q units. y or y − q = x2 When q < 0, (q is negative): • The parabola translates (slides) downward |q| units. y vertex = vertex = axis of symmetry: axis of symmetry: x x domain = • range = domain = • range = "q takes the basic parabola and translates it vertically." exercise: The graph of the basic quadratic function is translated up 12 units. What would be the equation of this transformed graph? exercise: Write the equation of a parabola with vertex (0,−23). Unit 1 – Day 4: Graphing y = x + q and y = (x−p) 2 2 Page 3 of 4 GRAPHING y = (x − p)2 example: For the function y = (x − 6)2 : • Complete the table of values. x p= ● Use the table to draw the graph of this function. y x − 6...
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