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D 2011 4 perceived value perceived customers evaluate

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Unformatted text preview: n particular copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 4 Perceived Value Perceived Customers evaluate products/ experiences Dissatisfied Satisfied Satisfied Highly satisfied 0 + Such assessments impact future purchase decisions and ongoing relationships with organizations and copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 5 Customers Seek ! Customers fa ir p ric e s g o o d va lue b us in e s s to b e va lue d /re la tio n s h ip in no va tive ne s s im a g e s ta tus va lue ­a d d e d s e rvic e s c o nve nie nc e in g o o d s a n d o u tle ts tim e s a vin g s g re e n p ro d u c ts we b p re...
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