D 2011 copyright 2 what is customer value what is

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Unformatted text preview: pyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 copyright 2 What is Customer Value? What is Customer Value? What Customer Value (CV) – is the “satisfaction of customer Customer requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership, acquisition and use” (DeRose) acquisition Customer value means relative worth or importance means CV is a combination of S-Q-I-P S-Q-I-P Service , Quality uality Image, Price copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 3 Customers’ Perception of Value Customers’ ■ Tradeoff between benefits received Tradeoff from offer versus sacrifices to versus obtain goods/services obtain CV = Benefits / Costs Costs ■ Value creation occurs when Value product/service and user interact in particular use situatio...
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