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Unformatted text preview: instein, Ph.D., 2011 3 CRM & Critical Customer Data CRM Companies should continuously gather critical customer data known as BADI: BADI: ☛Behaviors - how often and where customers visit how ☛Attitudes – customer satisfaction, service customer quality assessments quality ☛ Demographics /firmographics Demographics ☛Insights - share of market, share share of wallet share Copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 4 Why CRM Efforts Fail Why Lack of focus No change management policies No buy-in Business unit silos Complicated procedures Poor training Copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 5 Achieving CRM Success ! CRM Careful planning Appropriate use of people in the Appropriate organization Get supply chain members involved Using customer-driven processes Have a sound platform for introducing CRM Have systems and activities systems Copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 6 CRM Strategy Cycle CRM Copyright Art Weinstein, Ph.D., 2011 7 Implementing CRM 1. Identify your customers in detail 1...
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