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themythofthefemale - Women Culture and Society section 14...

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Women Culture and Society section 14 Spring 2008 Debbie Shieh Sex for Women “The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm” by Anne Koedt is an article all about the female orgasm, the clitoris, and the view of others on the subject. Koedt is a feminist based in New York. Her article shows that an orgasm is cannot be achieve strictly by penetration, which is an idea that men like to believe. Men believe that women that cannot achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration were frigid. Frigidity was seen as a problem in women who could not move into womanhood. In fact, it is the men who have it wrong. When physical stimulation is involved, the clitoris must be involved. Her point was that men thought that there was something wrong with the majority of women instead of thinking that something else was wrong. The main theme in this article is showing that the clitoris (the only part of the female body that is strictly for sexual satisfaction) is the key part to an orgasm, no matter what men want to think. She also
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