reaction - Women however prioritize their life around...

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Marion Kaplan’s opening statement clearly demonstrates the struggle of women during a terrible era: “Racism and persecution as well as survival meant something different for women than men.” Women were not only responsible for family care, but they endured the most Jewish discrimination resulting from personal as well as their husband’s and children’s experiences. Interestingly, the essay indirectly explores the relationship between men and women of this era, uncovering a traditional stereotype of male dominance and suppression of women’s input in decision-making. Throughout her essay, Kaplan compares male and female attitude to the changing times of prewar era Germany by depicting men’s reluctance to emigrate and women’s maternal instinct to preserve family through any means. Male ego stereotypically centers on societal position, which curbs their desire to leave a country where they are comfortable and feel in control.
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Unformatted text preview: Women, however, prioritize their life around family. I find that, even with such a dangerous situation at hand, the ability of men to remain loyal to their set values contrasts normal reaction because they seem content with the status quo and unwilling to accept change unlike women. Therefore, the idea of male supremacy in family politics exists despite pending traumatic conflict. Men traditionally have always served as head of the family and normally their influence is absolute and unyielding. Thus, even in times such as the pre-Holocaust period, the voice of women suffered because of an old ideal that still dominates the roles of men and women. This dynamic strikes me as unique. Men have and most likely always will be the sole decisive voice, leaving women to quietly voice their views, but ultimately, leave their faith to be decided by another....
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reaction - Women however prioritize their life around...

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