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lettingourselvesgo - Women Culture and Society section 14...

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Women Culture and Society section 14 Spring 2008 Debbie Shieh Accepting the Fat “Letting Ourselves Go” by Cecilia Hartley is an article that comes face to face with the way that people view fat. She shows that our society likes to show our women their imperfections so that they can be fixed as early as 5 and 6. At a young age we are taught to cross our legs and fold our arms, taking up as little space as possible. Our models and ideal body figures are very slender, so slender that the average model weighed 23 percent less than the average woman. The idea that women are suppose to take up as little space as possible while men are free to spread is a big theme in the story. It shows why women are expected to be thin. Another theme is how fat is greatly oppressed in America. Constantly, fat women are being shown that they are not beautiful in the eye of America and are given suggestions to better themselves. Also, this piece points out that women have to look at themselves from a man’s perspective. Another
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