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Women Culture and Society Section 14 Spring 2008 Deborah Shieh If Men Could Advertise Gloria Steinem wrote both, “Sex, Lies, and Advertising” and “If Men Could Menstruate”. “Sex, Lies, and Advertising” was about advertising in a women’s magazine. This magazine was made for the average woman and they wanted more then to advertise typical beauty products like the other magazines. They wanted to incorporate more into it such as cars, sound systems, wine, and other products. These supposed “manly” products would not advertise in a women’s magazine, even if shown statistics that women are just as likely to buy the product as men. It showed how stubborn these companies could be to keep the masculinity of their product. To get these companies to advertise in their magazine Ms. took a great deal of hard work and convincing. The fights that these women had to put up with show the immense work it takes to change the minds of people. In “If Men Could Menstruate”, she shows what she thinks would be the ideas
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