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Cohorts individuals who as part of a group hold a

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Unformatted text preview: attribute. Turning Individuals Into Team Players Turning The Challenges Countering the influence of individualistic cultures. Overcoming individual resistance to team membership. so that individual Overcoming consider himself to be a part of team not as an individual only consider Introducing teams in an organization that has historically valued individual Introducing achievement. achievement. Shaping Team Players Selecting employees who can fulfill their team roles. Training employees to become team players. Reworking the reward system to encourage cooperative efforts while Reworking continuing to recognize individual contributions. continuing Teams and Quality Management Teams Team Effectiveness and Quality Management Requires Team That Teams: That 1. Are small enough to be efficient and effective. 2. Are properly trained in required skills. 3. Allocated enough time to work on problems. 4. 5. Are given authority to resolve problems and take Are corrective action. corrective Have a designated “champion” to call on when needed. Thanks. Thanks....
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