Electronic meeting a meeting in which members

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Unformatted text preview: rs, allowing for anonymity (secrecy) of comments and aggregation of votes. Conflict management Conflict Conflict Perceived incompatible differences that result Perceived in interference or opposition in Traditional view All conflict is bad & must be avoided Interactionist view View that some conflict is necessary for a View group to perform effectively group Types of conflict Types Functional conflicts Conflict that supports a group’s goal & improve its performance Dysfunctional conflicts Conflict that prevents a group from achieving its goals Task conflict Over contents & goals of the work Relationship conflict Based on interpersonal relationships Process conflict Conflict over how works get done Conflict resolution techniques Conflict Avoiding Resolving conflict by withdrawing from or suppressing them Accomodating Resolving conflict by placing another’s needs & concerns above your own Resolving Compromising Resolving conflict by each party giving up something of value Resolving Collaborating Resolving conflict by seeking an advantageous solution for all parties Forcing Resolving conflict by satisfying one’s own needs at the expense of another’s Resolving TEAMS TEAMS TEAM Stands for…. “ T ogether E veryone to A chieve M ore…...
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