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Goal achievement power prentice hall 2000 prentice

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Unformatted text preview: ice Hall, 2000 Prentice Affiliation Chapter 7 8 Group Decision Making Group Strengths More complete More information information Increased diversity of Increased views views Higher quality of Higher decisions (more accuracy) accuracy) Increased acceptance Increased of solutions of Weaknesses More time More consuming (slower) consuming Increased pressure to Increased conform conform Domination by one Domination or a few members or Ambiguous Ambiguous responsibility responsibility Group Decision Making Group Groupthink Phenomenon in which the norm for consensus overrides (to set aside) the realistic appraisal of alternative course of action. a form of conformity to opinion of majority & not listening to the minority or unpopular views Group shift A change in decision risk between the group’s decision and the individual decision that member within the group would make; can be either toward conservatism or greater risk. Symptoms Of The Groupthink Phenomenon Phenomenon Group members rationalize any resistance to the Group assumptions they have made. assumptions Members apply direct pressures on those w...
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