Assumptions members apply direct pressures on those

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Unformatted text preview: ho Members express doubts about shared views or who question the alternative favored by the majority. question Members who have doubts or differing point of Members views keep silent about misgivings (doubts). views There appears to be an illusion (false impression) There of unanimity (agreement). of Group Decision-Making Techniques Group Interacting Groups Typical groups, in which the members interact with each other face-to-face. Nominal Group Technique A group decision-making method in which individual members meet face-to-face to pool their judgments in a systematic but independent fashion.they are presented with a problem. They write ideas on it independently then each member share ideas one by one until all ideas have been presented. no discussion starts until all ideas have been presented Group Decision-Making Techniques Group Brainstorming An idea-generation process that specifically encourages any and all alternatives, while withholding any criticism of those alternatives. Electronic Meeting A meeting in which members interact on compute...
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