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Ch 24 - The Origin of Species (1 slide per page)-1

5 campbell et al 9th ed 53 cladogenesis via

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Unformatted text preview: flow, with no geographical isolation Figure 24.5 (Campbell et al 9th ed) 53 Cladogenesis via Allopatric Speciation 1. Geological processes isolate populations Barrier = isolation Harris’s squirrel Figure 24.6 (Campbell et al 9th ed) White-tailed squirrel 54 Allopatric speciation of ratite bird species via continental drift Cassowary American rhea Ostrich Elephant bird Emu Moa Kiwi 55 Cladogenesis via Allopatric Speciation 2. Colonization of new, geographically remote areas isolates new pop from old pop. Barrier = isolation 56 Cladogenesis via Allopatric Speciation 3. Extinction of connecting population isolates 2 distant pops. Barrier = isolation What happens when isolated populations w/ incomplete reproductive barriers come into contact? 57 If not too different pops interbreed and differences ↓ Further reproductive isolation (Pre- or post-zygotic) of pops so don’t waste energy making hybrids. Area where 2 spp interbreed. Stable Hybrid Zone Speciation via hybridization Depending if offspring survive and extent of interbreed...
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