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Ch 24 - The Origin of Species (1 slide per page)-1

Hybrids may form new spp if they are viable fertile

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Unformatted text preview: ing, zones may be narrow or wide. Hybrids may form new spp if they are viable, fertile, & have unique features making them better suited for their particular environment or that allow them to occupy unique habitats or use novel resources. 58 Cladogenesis Speciation Mechanisms 1. Allopatric speciation – (very common) geographic separation restricts gene flow between two populations 2. Sympatric speciation – (very rare) biological factor creates two populations in the same area with reduced gene flow, with no geographical isolation Figure 24.5 (Campbell et al 9th ed) 59 Cladogenesis via sympatric Speciation Speciation of populations in the same area due to a biological factor causing reproductive isolation vs. geographic isolation in allopatric speciation A. Genetic incompatibility via Polyploidy B. Sexual selection 60 Cladogenesis via sympatric Speciation 1. Polyploidy = accident during meiosis results in extra set of chromosomes Reproductive Barrier = genetic incompatibility (not isolation...
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